Art Prints - Giclée Prints - what are they?

What are art prints?

An art print is a reproduction of an original work of art. 

Art Prints can be printed using different methods of printing on a variety of materials.

Our prints are printed on a premium quality heavyweight paper with a smooth clean finish.

Artists can choose to sell open edition prints or limited-edition prints.

When artists sell open edition prints, it does not mean that the print will be available indefinitely. 

What method of printing do you use?

All the prints in our collection are printed using the Giclée printing method.

We use a UK based fine art printing company called Prodigi, who are a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer.

Prodigi have been producing prints for famous artists, photographers and museums over many years and are recognised as one of Europe’s leading outsourced print on demand suppliers.

What are Giclée prints?

Giclée prints are fine art prints produced on large format inkjet printers using a small spraying device that can match both colour and apply ink precisely.

This gives artists a high-quality print of their original art. 

To be able to produce high-quality prints, the camera or scanner used to capture the art must be able to do so with a high resolution.

The image file needs to be at least 300 DPI to achieve a satisfactory level of detail in the reproduction.

Do Giclée prints fade?

When creating original paintings, lightfastness is important to us.

It is just as important when considering a partner for producing fine art prints.

This was one of the reasons we chose Prodigi.

As a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer, their prints undergo annual testing by a UKAS approved laboratory. 

Key requirements for this quality standard are the lightfastness of a print, ensuring it scores a value of 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale in all areas.

Only original and official UV pigment-based inks are used.

UV inks contain enhanced light stabilisers offering more durability than dye-based inks, protecting the vibrancy of the print for over 100 years in ideal conditions.

Can Giclée prints be framed?

Yes – art prints can be framed or hung using magnetic poster hangers that will not damage the artwork.  All Original Paintings on paper should be framed behind glass.

We have a selection of options in store which gives you the flexibility to choose to either purchase your Giclée as framed prints or unframed prints allowing you to choose from our poster hangers or alternative framing elsewhere.

Where are your prints suitable for?

All our wall art prints are suitable for indoor use only. 

Art is a personal choice.  Some people purchase art to match the décor in a particular room of their house, or because they love the attributes of the artwork itself.

Many of our framed art prints have been produced from original paintings only intended as fine art pieces to be hung in various parts of your home.

Other pieces are from illustrations to compliment a collection for example our wall art for kitchen prints which instigated our kitchen textiles collection.

Do you currently sell canvas wall art?

We are currently exploring producing canvas wall art.

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